According to studies in the US, it has been found that nearly 5.4 million people, which accounts for 2.2% of the population, are affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Being affected by such a condition can affect a person’s communication skills and behavior. ASD can vary significantly depending on the kind of care that is needed. People who have ASD tend to find it difficult to understand emotions and express themselves. So, according to the SSA’s Blue Book, you might be able to claim benefits for your child based on the condition. A lawyer at The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey can help further with getting these benefits. 

What are the signs of autism:

The signs of autism can honestly differ, these symptoms tend to emerge at the age of 3. In terms of what these signs are, they can include eye contact, repetitive actions, hypersensitivity, overstimulation of the senses, difficulty in communication, hyperfixation, and difficulty in understanding social cues and speech patterns. 

What are the different kinds of ASDs?

  • Autistic disorder: The symptoms of this disorder include language delays, difficulty in communication, unique behavior, and intellectual disability.
  • Childhood disintegrative disorder: The child’s development is normal initially but is followed by a loss of communication and social skills. 
  • Asperger’s syndrome: The symptoms are milder compared to others. Children show high intelligence, and no barriers to language or communication are seen. 
  • Pervasive development disorder: The child displays autistic behavior but does not fit other categories of ASD.

What causes ASD?

It is rather difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes ASD. However, ASD is sometimes linked to brain regions that process language and sensory inputs. In terms of what the risk factors are, A family history of autism, old parental age, and the exposure of the mother to drugs, alcohol, and anti-seizure medications can lead to autism. Other factors sometimes include diabetes, obesity, and German measles. 

Final thoughts:

Is there a cure? Well, not really. Autism cannot be cured, but early diagnosis can help with a child’s development. Children’s treatment is oftentimes personalized, which can help alleviate some symptoms and facilitate learning. This is usually achieved with the help of speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies, along with medication for symptoms like attention issues, hyperactivity, and anxiety. Art, music, and animal therapies are also said to be beneficial. To understand the eligibility criteria for benefits, reach out to a Florida disability attorney.