Parked car accidents are all too common in the United States. Nobody wants to be involved in an accident case where they are the at-fault party. However, if you accidentally hit a parked car, it is your responsibility to stay at the scene and exchange information with the other party. Fleeing the accident site without so much as leaving a note can become problematic for you. 

Whether you hit a parked car or your parked car was hit by someone else, you should seek legal counsel from a Houston Car Accident Attorney today. Not having legal representation can put you in a troubled position, especially if you are found liable. The last thing you want is for the other party to take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge. 

Steps to take if you hit a parked car

  • Wait for the owner. 

If you are not in a hurry to get to your destination and can wait for a couple of hours, try remaining at the accident scene until the owner comes. Imagine you had parked your car and came back to see a dent in it. You would not feel very happy about it and would want to know who did it. Similarly, you should not flee the site without talking to the owner first. 

When you speak to the owner first, they may be angry or shocked by the incident. However, they will be glad that you chose to stay and take responsibility. 

  • Leave a note. 

If you are getting late for work or you need to catch a flight, then it is probably not practical to stay at the site. For all you know, it could be hours before the owner comes back. In such a situation, to avoid a hit-and-run claim, leave a note on the car’s windshield. Make sure to include your name, contact details, and address where they can meet you. This note will help you avoid a hit-and-run accusation. 

  • Look for witnesses. 

You do not want the owner of the damaged car to accuse you of causing more damage than you actually did. After you leave a note, look around for witnesses who might have seen the incident. Ask them to describe what they saw and note it down. If you find credible witnesses, be sure to take their contact information. 

These are the top three steps you should take when you hit a parked car. You won’t be thrown into jail or heavily fined for hitting a parked car. However, it is wise to get an attorney from dubo Law.